8 tips to protect photos on your phone from being stolen and avoid being hacked


A channel on the Telegram app recently caused a sensation, after the post on it published pictures of teenage girls living in a city, which had previously been stolen by penetrating their devices, and reports indicated that one of the participants in the private telegram channel, collecting pictures of the girls published through their pages in platforms Social communication, which raised the anger and fear of many at the same time.

Perhaps incidents of hacking, piracy and theft of images occur mainly as a result of errors from users, where hackers hunt any error that the user might make to piracy and steal his private information, such as sending a link that appears in its natural form as a valid link but it is a hacking tool, or downloading an application with spyware or other One of the things, and below we offer a set of tips to protect your privacy, files and photos, whether on the phone or the Internet in general

Tips to protect yourself from penetration:

Avoid visiting suspicious websites.

Avoid using different Facebook “cookies”, such as “I know you are almost like some actors.”

Avoid downloading unsafe apps or apps from unknown sources far from official app stores.

Watch out for dating apps and photo and video protection apps, as there are a lot of them that are mainly used to steal user data.

Avoid clicking on any link that you receive in any message, whether on the Messenger or in the e-mail.

Avoid using free public Wi-Fi networks.

Avoid connecting your phone to any computer that you do not trust.

– Make sure to always update the apps and phone itself to the latest version.


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