9 nutritional advice for patients with stress during the time of Corona


She announced Ministry of Health And the population, for some nutritional advice, for pressure patients.
The ministry clarified 9 tips for Patients with pressureAnd it came as follows: –

Keep the treatment times, and do not refrain from taking medications without consulting a doctor.

Regular blood pressure with treatment does not mean recovery and is not an indication for discontinuation of treatment, but it is an indication of the effectiveness of treatment and the need to continue it.

A healthy lifestyle increases the effectiveness of drug therapy and helps you control high blood pressure.

Salt is a cause of high blood pressure, so stick to your diet with less salt.

Table salt is the main source of sodium in your diet, so avoid completely adding salt to food after cooking.

Healthy, low-salt and low-fat cooking helps you control pressure and weight.

– Five grams of salt is allowed per day for an adult, which is the equivalent of a teaspoon, and this includes salt used for cooking food, seasoning meat, etc.

Avoid high-salt foods such as pickles, and salted fish such as herring, fish, and sardines

Avoid hidden sources of salt, which are preserved foods, either frozen, such as vegetables, frozen meat, legumes and fish, or canned foods such as tuna and canned beans, as well as sauce

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