A curfew was imposed in Washington after clashes erupted around the White House


Clashes erupted in the vicinity of the White House, late Sunday, Washington time, as security forces used tear gas, amid hit-and-run operations between police and protesters.

Demonstrations renewed across the United States, as the number of protesters increased in front of the White House in light of confrontations with the security forces.The police fired tear gas in an attempt to disperse the demonstrators, with violent clashes erupting in the American capital during the sixth night of the demonstrations that spread throughout the country.

On Sunday, Trump called for more “force and order” to confront the demonstrators, and security forces used sound bombs to disperse the demonstrators.

He announced the imposition of the curfew in Washington, according to the announcement of the mayor of the capital, Muriel Bawser, who said on Twitter that the curfew would be in effect from 11 pm on Sunday until 6 am on Monday.

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