A Danish club is creating a way to rally its fans on its court


The Danish club Maitlandland has devised a new way to compensate for the public absence from the football stadiums due to the Corona global pandemic.

In his match with the Danish league, which was held last Monday, the Maitland Club invited its fans to come to the match stadium to watch the team’s meeting against Horsens in the 25th round.

The fans came to support their team and attend the stadium hosting the meeting in order to watch the match, but not from the stadium stands as usual, but rather by sitting in their cars and watching the match in large screens in the car parks around the stadium.

The Maitieland Club, via its official Twitter account, posted a video after the match to its fans as they watched the meeting in their cars near the match stadium.

It is noteworthy that the Danish league had another precedent in innovating methods to compensate for the absence of the fans, as the Danish Aarhus Club used in previous rounds to use large screens around the stadium and contact the fans through the Live feature via the “Zoom” platform to communicate.

The events of the Danish Football League resumed last Thursday, after an 11-week hiatus.


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