A final ruling on the charges of Dunia Butma with fraud


On Monday, the Marrakesh Appeal Court upheld the preliminary ruling, dropping the charge of “participating in the monument” for the Moroccan artistDunia ButmaIn the context of an issue with an account on social media.
The Public Prosecutor had previously appealed the decision issued by the investigative judge at the Court of First Instance two weeks ago, to acquit the minimum.
This decision does not end the singer’s relationship with this account. There are still a group of charges leveled against Dunya and her sister, Ibtisam Boutma, that the judiciary has not yet decided.
The accusation also includes “broadcasting and distributing through information systems statements of people and their images without their consent, and broadcasting false facts with the intent to prejudice the private life of persons to defame them, participate in that and threat.”
And the Court of First Instance in Marrakech decided the date of next July 11 to consider these charges, after Dunia was absent from the previous session due to the health conditions of her pregnancy, which her defense justified with a medical certificate.


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