A James Bond movie in the 2020 version!


Whoever listened to the speech of Prime Minister Hassan Diab speaking about a coup plot, he could only be surprised by his lips, as if in front of a new James Bond movie with a new version.

Despite the big talk the man said, some thought he was talking about a scenario for one of the police films, which keeps the scheme unknown to more suspense and excitement, but the output was poor and did not match the text, which also remains deficient, without reaching the plot, which makes The viewer, listener, or reader is in a state of astonishment about the missing plot, as if the one who wrote and who directed lacked the dramatic experience, and it was more useful to quote a little about the stories of Agatha Christie, which keeps the complex knot to the other, in order to tighten the viewer to know who plans and who executes, Without forgetting those behind the story of the coup plot, from extending the disclosure of all facts with evidence, evidence and evidence, which kept the content ambiguous, and does not deviate from a scenario that works for every time and place, as it is not easier than casting accusations haphazardly, if this scenario is not supported Which reveals the reality of the coup plot.

One of the easiest things, to justify the failure and impotence in front of this huge number of problems facing the country, is to receive the consequences and responsibilities of the unknown others, for example, it is said, “everyone means everyone,” and this is not a logical explanation for it, since politics is the art of the possible, In other words, it is not possible to generalize and ignore when the country is in a state of boiling, and it almost collapses into the shafts of the unknown, as a result of the government’s inability to capture the reins of things as it is supposed, and not to remain spinning in a maze that has no clear exits, because it is distracted by throwing a ball Responsibility in the stadiums of others, without even taking a single step can be considered the right approach to the beginning of getting out of the cycle of complications.

And so that the accusations of the government do not remain airy, they resort every time to divert attention to the wrong place, and aim all the arrows in the direction of the Governor of the Bank of Lebanon, who in our view bears part of the financial problem, but he is not the only one responsible for a long and wide crisis, because the renewal for him did not come from ” Others, “whom President Diab accuses of conspiracy and conspiracy, and even brought presidential blessing. If Riad Salame was the only one responsible for the deterioration of the national currency, he would not have been renewed to head this sensitive site in the Lebanese state. As for his peace, whenever “Al-Kawsar with a jar” strikes into the scourge of the political Holocaust, it is an issue that no longer deceives anyone, and no one believes the story of the shepherd and the wolf.

Our misfortune is that the officials all turned to Juha, who believed his lie and walked with the crowds searching for the dinars falling from the sky.


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