A Japanese company is developing a system of sinks that warns the user when washing his hands incorrectly


A Japanese technology company has developed a new monitoring system that installs on the basins, which will warn users about hurrying or not using a sufficient amount of soap after washing their hands, as a system has been developed to “recognize the movement of hand washing” which is called “Actlyzer” By Fujitsu Laboratories and is targeted for use in the Japanese food service industry, where employee hygiene checks are common.

According to the British “Daily Mail” website, Fujitsu believes that the system “Actlyzer” It can also be used in hospitals, schools, hotels, playgrounds and any other public place where a large number of people can share a toilet.

Because it is a pandemic COVID-19 It has brought new attention to safe handwashing practices, the company says “Actlyzer” It can be an important part of a larger public safety campaign to reduce the spread of the disease.

A spokesman for Fujitsu told the newspaper “Asahi Shimbun”: “Hand washing will become more important in the days and months to come, and there will be demand for our technology in a variety of situations.”. “

The system relies on overhead or side-mounted cameras around the washbasins in public toilets, which will provide feedback on how effective a person’s handwashing technique is on a nearby display.

If the person washes his hands correctly, the word “OK” will appear in green letters, and if he is washing his hands incorrectly, the word will be displayed “NG” In red letters, indicating “no good“.

According to Fujitsu, he could “Actlyzer” Learn more than 2,000 specific hand-washing gestures with an accuracy rating of over 90%.

The system uses the six basic steps to properly wash hands that were described by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Welfare, and this includes rubbing the palm of the hand, the back of the hand, rubbing the fingertips, rubbing the lower side of the nails, rubbing the fingers, washing the wrists, rubbing the wrists.

At each step, the system will assess whether there is enough amount of lather and whether the person washes massage or scrubs at least 10 times per step..

No current partners have been announced, but Fujitsu says it plans field trials to demonstrate the system’s effectiveness to potential customers.


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