A jump in gold prices in the Egyptian market .. and “21-carat” record 770 pounds


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Amir Rizk, a member of the Gold Division, said that the price of gold recorded a remarkable increase, at the end of trading on Tuesday, at a value that exceeded 6 pounds per gram, compared to the starting prices, due to the high price of the dollar on Tuesday.

Rizk added in the statement of “Al-Masry Al-Youm” that gold prices witnessed an increase in the Egyptian market, as a result of the rise of the dollar 4 piasters against the pound, so that the exchange rate would approach 16 pounds, as the price of a gram of gold “24 carat” in the Egyptian goldsmiths recorded 880 pounds, while He recorded “21 caliber”, 770 pounds, while “18 caliber”, 660 pounds, “14 caliber”, 515 pounds, while the price of gold pounds reached 6160 pounds.

While the price of an ounce in the global markets, 1740 dollars.

A member of the Gold Division stressed that gold prices in Egypt are affected by the price of an ounce globally, and the price of the dollar, and they cannot be interfered with by traders, who calculate the price by multiplying the international price by the price of the dollar, and through that the prices are determined.

On Tuesday morning, gold prices witnessed a slight rise, as the price of a gram of “24 carat” gold, 874 pounds, and “21 caliber”, reached 764 pounds, while “18 carat” record, 665 pounds, while a gram of gold recorded “14 carat” , 508 pounds, and the price of gold reached 6,110 pounds.

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