A link of applause to receive Saleh Juma in Maran Al-Ahly and electrified most happy


Maran Al-Ahly, who was held on the island’s Elche Stadium on Tuesday morning, witnessed a state of happiness and celebration on the part of the Red Team players, with the return of their teammate, Saleh Jumaa, to the team’s team training, after the Swiss coach Rene Fayre pardoned Al-Ahly coach, announcing the end of the individual training of the red team game maker in the hall The gym.

The overwhelming happiness also appeared on the face of Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba, the Al-Ahly playmaker, with the return of Saleh Jumaa, especially since the duo had a strong friendship during the layoff, and in order to take part in home training together to ban Corona.

Saleh Juma
Saleh Juma

Players of the first team football in the club fought a side of physical exercises and various ball exercises with the beginning of the morning training for the players, David Siza general coach, and Sami T-shirts, the coach of the team led the players training on three variable groups in the various training paragraphs between the technical and the physical, and the technical staff had decided to run Exercise from today on one group instead of the two group system, which the team has trained for the past days since the return of training last Wednesday morning.

The training took place at eight thirty in the morning on the island’s Touch Stadium, and the technical staff is keen to implement all precautionary measures in the exercises in order to maintain the safety of the players.

And hold the technical device Al Ahly A technical and theoretical lecture for players on the island’s Elche stadium before the start of the training session, and David Siza, the general manager, and Mr. Abdel Hafeez, the director of the ball, were keen to talk with the players on the first day to run the training in one group instead of the two groups system that the team has trained for the past days since the return of the exercises in the morning Last Wednesday.

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