A magic drink to lose weight quickly in a cup before eating to blow up belly fat


Getting rid of rumen and excess weight around the waist and waist that causes inconvenience, tightness and an inappropriate appearance, slimming the rumen is not easy at all, but it needs technique and commitment in order to achieve the desired result, but there are some experiences and tricks that can make the process of getting rid of rumen easy and simple It was mentioned by a number of nutritionists and when tried it led to amazing results and guaranteed to lose the abdomen quickly in a simple period, a magic drink to lose the abdomen and loss.

Abdominal drink quickly

A new drink is described as a magical drink, which is similar in composition to carbonated water or soft drink water with barley, as it includes vinegar and baking soda.

Benefits of a magic drink to lose weight

The mixture works by losing weight quickly, especially the abdomen, and does not result in health problems, but it prevents those who suffer from kidney diseases, as it works to strengthen the body’s immunity, and promote the health of hair and skin and the biggest factor in losing weight.

How to make a magic drink

  • It takes only 2 teaspoons of raw apple vinegar to make your belly blaster drink.
  • A teaspoon of baking soda.
  • They are placed in a cup and filled with water before drinking.
  • Eat that drink ten minutes before eating.
  • The drink contains nutrients that can help improve digestion, appetite, and weight loss.

How does a magic drink get rid of rumen?

Apple cider vinegar loses weight due to the presence of acetic acid, which improves metabolism, burns fat, reduces stomach and liver fat storage, reduces blood sugar and fights viruses.

Also, baking soda works to dissolve fat quickly, as it is very effective in burning belly fat. It also treats indigestion, breaks down fat, and helps you end bloating problems.

Celery drink and apple cider vinegar to slim the body

  • It is considered one of the favorite drinks to lose weight.
  • Half a cup of celery.
  • Half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.
  • Quarter teaspoon ground black pepper.
  • Cup water.

How to prepare

In a bowl, put celery and water in a blender and mix them well, then add the mixture to the cup and add apple cider vinegar to black pepper, celery is one of the wonderful vegetables that helps you burn fat and get rid of calories by working to reduce cholesterol in the blood.

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