A mixture of 3 viruses, which originated from swine .. G 4, a new Chinese virus threatening a global catastrophe … Details


Dr. Ahmed Shaheen, professor of viruses at Zagazig University, said he is there New virus its name”G4 » He appeared in China.
Ahmed Shaheen added, in a telephone interview with the media Tamer Amin, on “Al-Nahar Al-Nahar” broadcast on the “Al-Nahar” channel: If spread it will cause A global pandemic because it is a combination of 3 Viruses. “

Ahmed Shaheen continued: This virus is transmitted from pigs to humans and from humans to humans else “.

He added: “It has to be taken Procedures Proactive To contain the virus the new In China before it spread like a virus Sk. ”

Ahmed Shaheen continued: A new virus named Lisa was discovered in North Italia But it is a virus born dead and has no danger to humans. “

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