A new born from a sixth marriage by Ahmed El-Fishawy !!


Lawyer Shaaban Saeed, Lina Al-Fishawi’s lawyer, revealed the emergence of a new son by artist Ahmed Al-Fishawi called Titus, stressing that Al-Sagheer’s mother had contacted him in order to start the procedures of the case of proving Al-Saghir’s lineage to his father, so Al-Fishawi would face the same crisis he had previously faced with his daughter Lina.
Shaban Saeed said in an interview with the program “ET Arabic” that he received a phone call from a German woman named Dennis Wolman requesting that he take up the case of proving the lineage of a young boy named Titus from the artist Ahmed Al-Fishawi.
Saeed added that Titus and Lina, the eldest daughter of al-Fishawi, had been in contact for some time, explaining that he had been waiting for proofs of lineage that the German woman possessed.
Lina Al-Fishawi, daughter of the artist Ahmed Al-Fishawi, had broken her silence and her mother Hind Al-Hinnawi, and decided to publish family photos of an 8-year-old child named “Titus” Al-Fishawi, and said that he was a “half-brother” of Lina.
Hind Al-Hinnawi posted on her Instagram account a picture of her daughter Lina and her brother, commenting: Lina Al-Fishawy and Titus Al-Fishawy, an old photo from June 2019, we are waiting to see you in July 2020.
It is noteworthy that the official marriages of Ahmed al-Fishawi amount to 5 marriages, and there is an unconfirmed sixth marriage, and the first marriage to al-Fishawi was tragic in the full sense of the word. And his family denied marriage and lineage, until the court ruled in her favor to prove the customary marriage and attributed the child Lina to her father, and Hind’s choice was to obtain a divorce paper on the same day as the recognition of her marriage.
Al-Fishawi’s second wife was from Mrs. Wissam Atef Atia and she was the only one who held a wedding with the little Fishawi. The marriage lasted only 55 days, and after that she obtained a divorce paper and filed against him a report in the police department accusing him of stealing her “net”; That is the “Solitaire” ring of 100,000 pounds. His father, Farouk al-Fishawi, entered his legal adviser and settled all the records and closed this file forever.
Vishawi’s third wife is Dennis Weilmann, a German woman who got acquainted with her during the treatment trip of his mother, Sumaya Al-Alfi in Germany, and she is the only one who does not like to mention the details of his marriage to her, and he always confirms that he does not know anything about her because she has completely disappeared and changed her mobile phone numbers and pages on social networking sites.
The fourth wife of the Lebanese media, Rola Al-Dibs, was divorced and married the little Fishawi and came to reside in Egypt, but the divorce between them was repeated secretly, and the matter ended with the announcement of the divorce officially and her return to the United Arab Emirates. Whole.


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