A new feature in Pinterest that allows to find products based on your photos


Pinterest has returned to its flexible shopping features with a new “Shop” tab or Shop in the Lens camera search results. Starting today, any user will be able to click on the camera in the search bar or take a picture or upload it, to see the Shop tab located within the Pinterest pin feed. .

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According to the American engadget website, this tab will display results based on the products specified in that image, and it is useful that it will only bring the items in stock, which means that the actual item will be seen, and each product identification number will be linked directly to the payment page on the retailer’s website. Also.

The Shop tab in Lens is the latest in a long line of features designed to facilitate shopping on the platform. This special addendum is based on a tool released in April, which brings a Pins summary based on search terms, and complements the launch of the Pinterest app on Shopify, Designed to facilitate the sale of merchants on the platform.

According to Pinterest, about half of the items captured with Lens belong to the fashion or home decor category, so it makes sense to be shopping more easily.


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