A new phone measures body temperature!


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Elaf: Honor, the leading Chinese electronic brand in the field of smartphones, released a video through its account on Weibo, through which it revealed its new phone Honor Play 4 Pro equipped with a sensor that can measure the user’s body temperature.

And reports said that this sensor is integrated with the phone and its task is to measure the user’s temperature when carrying near his wrist or face. Reports indicated that Honor (a subsidiary of the giant Huawei) is planning to launch the device in China, but has not yet announced any plans regarding its launch in the global market.

The Daily Mail pointed out that the device will be sold in China at about $ 420, including the temperature sensor or $ 407 without the sensor.

It is expected that the phone will operate in a somewhat wide range of temperatures ranging from – 20 ° C to 100 ° C, and will be able to read temperatures until one tenth of a degree. It is expected that the phone will receive the attention of a large segment of users in light of the spread of the Corona pandemic, and their desire to check on their temperature.

The Daily Mail praised the idea of ​​having a thermometer feature on the phone all the time, as it can help people make sound decisions about whether or not they go to the doctor, stay at home or just simply check themselves and examine their general condition.

Elaf prepared the material at the discretion of the British “Daily Mail” newspaper, the original link below


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