A new window technology that allows people to automatically control heat and sunlight


The University of Colorado team has developed a new way to control smart staining on windows when compared to available models, as researchers say that new windows will give more people the power to control the amount of heat and sunlight coming into their homes without blocking visibility, and that stained glass, which ranges from 80 % Tinted to fully transparent, allows more natural light through home windows and can reduce energy use.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the researchers of the study say that the new technology is cheaper in production than current solutions, and they have received the attention of car manufacturers.

The new method uses the electrodeposition process for reversible metals, which differ from current industry standards.

“Smart window technology allows users to adjust the amount of sunlight and heat entering from home or windows without blocking views,” said lead researcher Mike McGee.

McGee and his colleagues explain in detail how the metal can be electroplated onto a transparent electrode to prevent light, which reduces the cost of coloring.

The researchers specifically explored how different electrolytes can be used in a variety of ways to achieve the results they want from their coloring technique.

McGee said: He said that this new process ultimately leads to a more desirable neutral color than other technologies and allows for easier adjustment of transparency.

He added: “Our technology can save up to 80 percent of coloring, while many windows on the market can only provide 70 percent of coloring.


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