A pleasant surprise .. Coronas medicine is on the market within two weeks and is treated in only 4 days


Dr. Sayed Hindawi, head of one of the Egyptian pharmaceutical companies, “Mash”, confirmed that a drug had been reached for treatment Corona Virus “Prevanork”, where the patient takes him, heals and discharges from hospital within only 4 days.

“Hindawi” said during statements to “Echo Al Balad” that this medication has a 95% cure rate, stressing that it was approved in Egypt by the Egyptian Medicines Authority and will be approved by companies and the Ministry of Health within two weeks.

“The president of one of the pharmaceutical companies” added that they were the first to invent a drug to treat C virus, and it was approved by the Ministry of Health and was implemented immediately after it.

Hindawi confirmed that the treatment of Prevanork Corona virus It is an instance of Japanese and Russian medicine.

The head of an Egyptian pharmaceutical company added that the prices will be available to the Egyptian patient.

The head of an Egyptian pharmaceutical company said that he thanks Dr. Tamer Essam, head of the Egyptian Medicines Authority, for their support to the national industry to help alleviate the pain of this global pandemic.

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