A rare picture of the artist, “Yousra”, in the school uniform


Art critic Mahmoud Abdel Shakour published a rare photo of Egyptian artist Yousra when she was a student.Abdel Shakour commented on the photo, revealing its scenes: “The artist Yosra is still a student in school, the first one sitting in the first grade, sent to me by Aziz Sharif Bakr from five years, and today I remind him of it, and it is known of course that Sharif is a big fan of Yosra from a time ago, and even today “.

Yousra appeared in the picture while she was sitting in the first row of the picture among her classmates, and although the picture is not clear due to the time period, her features appeared clear and did not change much.

It is mentioned that Yusra participated during the last dramatic month of Ramadan race in the series “Betrayal of the Covenant” and co-starred with Hala Shiha, Bayoumi Fouad, Khaled Sarhan, Abeer Sabri, Jumana Murad, Khaled Anwar, Salwa Othman and Hanadi Muhanna, authored by Ahmed Adel, produced by Jamal Al Adel – “Justice Group” and directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz.

Archival video:

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