A shocking cause behind the death of the Egyptian actor Ali Abdel Rahim


The death of the Egyptian actor formedAli Abdul RahimA great shock in the Egyptian artistic community, yesterday, at the age of 58, as a result of a stroke.
However, the issue did not stop here, as it was revealed that during the period before his death, Abd al-Rahim went through a state of severe depression, which led to his stroke.
This depression was caused by his being subjected to a very embarrassing situation about 3 months ago, behind the scenes of one of his works, as one of the workers insulted him and screamed at him without regard for his age or history; What angered the late artist who entered after him in a state of long depression, was increasing day after day, until he suffered a stroke in the brain that made him suffering from the disease in the past two months to die yesterday.


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