A source at Laila Koura: Al-Shennawi did not waive the Al-Ahly leadership badge


A source inside the Al-Ahly Club denied reports that the team’s goalkeeper, Mohamed El Shennawi, gave up the captaincy during the remainder of the current or next season.

The source, who declined to be named, confirmed in exclusive statements to Leila Koura that Sherif Ekramy and Mohamed El-Shennawi are the team leaders during the current season.

The source stressed, that the ranking of Al-Ahly leaders was not considered during the coming season, with a large number of matches remaining in the current season.

The source concluded his speech by emphasizing that the assignment of the emblem was not presented to Al-Shinnawi until now.

And local press reports had indicated earlier today, Monday, that Al-Shennawi waived the leadership badge in favor of Walid Suleiman.


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