A “strange” reason may be behind the outbreak of the Corona virus in Australia!


Canada News – According to Australian officials, the reason for the outbreak of the Corona virus in Melbourne may be the participation of some people in cigarette lighter.

Where, Sunday Sunday, Prime Minister Victoria Andrews revealed that one of the outbreaks of the virus she was between Staff at Stamford Plaza Hotel Melbourne, which is also a quarantine hotel for returning travelers.

And Andrews said that the virus, which is widespread among hotel workers, may have come from employees who share a cigarette lighter as none of the new cases have been linked to travelers.

While she did not oppose public health measures, Andrews said that sharing a cigarette lighter shows just how dangerous the corona virus is.

He added that the sharing of cars among employees may also have contributed to the spread of the virus.

The state of Victoria is witnessing an escalation in the number of infections today, Sunday, after recording the highest daily increase in cases of HIV infection in nearly three months, which increases the concern about the spread of infection among the community.

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