A stray trailer … The full story of an announcer in a horrific accident with Toukh


The inspection of the prosecution revealed the accident of the announcer Mohamed El-Sersy That the accident occurred due to the separation of a trailer from a van traveling at a crazy speed on the agricultural highway in the Toukh Center headquarters Qaliubiya, which caused the presenter’s car to be toppled and pushed into the auto parts gallery on the road.

The inspection confirmed that the deceased’s car had receded between the collapsed exhibition and the car’s trailer, which resulted in his death and being destroyed.

In a related context, the prosecution ordered the authorization to bury the body, to keep the transport vehicle causing the accident and its driver, and to assign a technical engineer to examine it.

Brigadier General Fawzi Abed Rabbo, the warden of Toukh Police Station, had received a report of a collision on the agricultural road between a transport vehicle and Malaki.

Lieutenant Colonel Mahmoud Ismail, head of the Center’s investigations, moved immediately, and it became clear that while a transport van with a trailer was traveling on the road, the trailer separated due to the breaking of Al-Arish. Auto parts transport vehicles.

The accident resulted in the death of the owner of the property, the exhibition was destroyed, the trailer and the transport vehicle and its driver were preserved, and the body of the deceased was transferred to Tookh Hospital.

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