A welcome development in the negotiations for the Renaissance Dam in the Security Council .. The representative of the Arab League at the United Nations makes clear


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Ambassador Majed Abdel Fattah, the permanent representative of the Arab League to the United Nations, said that there is an Egyptian-Sudanese achievement in placing the Renaissance Dam file at the Security Council table, pointing out that there was a force that was working intensively to prevent discussion of the Renaissance Dam negotiations in the Council, stressing that what had been done The first day is an achievement and a success for Egypt.

“Abdel-Fattah” added, during a phone call to the “Ninth” program, presented by Wael El-Ibrashi, through the Egyptian Channel One, that Egypt is still anxious not to harm Ethiopia, and therefore did not include Egypt’s demands in the Security Council any punitive decisions towards its arbitrariness in the Dam Renaissance negotiations.

And “Abdel Fattah” stressed that in the event that the Ethiopian side does not deal with the Egyptian appeals to the Security Council, international legitimacy will prevail and the application of the applicable international laws and agreements signed by all parties.

And “Abdel Fattah” stressed that the League of Arab States does not seek confrontation, but rather we seek to protect the rights of the “Egyptian and Sudanese” peoples, and he continued: “All Arab countries are united with Egypt on this issue and there is no difference.”

The permanent representative of the Arab League to the United Nations pointed out that the presence of international observers and the United Nations are important in the negotiations for the Renaissance Dam, as this is in the interest of the Arab side.

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