Abdel-Wahab, Rahih Yahya Farah, in Assiut, they shot him from the groom’s house. I know the story


Art and singing stars are exposed to many difficult or funny situations while they are celebrating parties or joys or singing on one occasion, and these situations remain stuck in their minds throughout their lives and do not forget about them and always talk about them when they talk about their memories.

And the stars of the beautiful time presented many of these positions, including what was published by Al Kawakib magazine in a rare issue issued in 1954, in which the magazine dealt with some of the situations experienced by the stars of music during their artistic beginnings while they were reviving joys in Upper Egypt, and published the topic under the title “Singing on the lead level”

Among the stars who talked about the difficult situations they faced in weddings that were revived in Upper Egypt by the musician of generations, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, who indicated that he went to revive the wedding of one of Asyut’s dignitaries and sat among the members of his sister, and the band began to play the musical introduction, and if it heard sounds of shots The bullets came from far away, so Abd al-Wahhab asked: What is the story?

Abdel Wahab reassured that the bullets will not reach the marquee of the concert in which he sings and continues to sing, and the sound began to approach until he started to sound inside the marquee, and the invitees stopped responding to greet the visitors coming from neighboring countries to congratulate in the same way as they are shooting as a sign of greeting and joy, which hit a musician Terrified and fell unconscious.

He transferred the members of the sister Abd al-Wahhab to a place far from hitting the fire so that he could wake up and summoned the owner of joy to a doctor to assist him.

When Abdel Wahab returned to the Marquee of Joy, one of the invitees asked him to sing the song “Love of the Nation is a Supreme Assumption.” Indeed, the music of the generations sang it, and enthusiasm ignited in the soul of one of the invitees to shoot from his rifle, which prompted the rest of the invitees to return the greeting in the same way, and here Abdel Wahab fled from inside the marquee To hide in the apartment of the bridegroom and lock the door on it from the inside, and the owner of joy tried to persuade him to open the door by all means, but the music of generations swore not to open the door until after he got a promise from the person of joy to immediately deliver him to the train station, so the owner of the joy promised him to leave the apartment of the groom Indeed, Abdel Wahab quickly rushed straight to the railway station, and he does not believe that he left safe from joy.


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