Abdul Majeed Abdullah comments on the tradition of a Kuwaiti girl


Abdul Majeed Abdullah comments on the tradition of ...

Source: Salah Hassan – Iram News

Show the Saudi star Abd Almejeed Abdallah He was greatly impressed by a Kuwaiti girl named “Amal”, after she managed to appear with the same features that she drew on her face using makeup.

Abdul-Majeed Abdullah shared the video spread on social media via his Twitter account and wrote a tweet in which he said: “You are truly an artist and talent, thank you.”

Abdul Majeed Abdullah’s praise of the girl comes despite the state of annoyance his fans felt through social media because they did not accept what the girl did, describing her behavior as “not recommended” and that it appeared like “sorcery” and did not approach the shape of Abdul Majeed Abdullah.

And the pioneers of social media had shared a video clip in which a girl appeared as she started using make-up tools to imitate Abdul Majeed Abdullah.

After the completion of the tradition, the girl appeared in the same clothes that Abdul Majeed Abdullah appeared in his concerts and played his song “variable Ali” and grabbed the oud and began moving like him in the parties that he revived, as if they interacted with him like the audience.


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