Abeer Moussa attacking Al-Nahda: They want to bring to power Tunisia and sell it


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A new time, the Tunisian MP attacked andHead of the Free Constitutional Party bloc, Abeer Moussa, Al-Nahda Movement, stressing that it seeks to bring Tunisia to its knees and sell it to the Turkish-Qatari axis, as she put it.

In addition, she accused her during a press conference held on Friday of planning a terrorist operation targeting or fabricating charges against her, in anticipation of passing the list of classification of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, whose party had presented her a few days ago.

She also warned the president of the “Free Constitutional” of a conspiracy hatched by Ennahda to target it, blaming the Speaker of Parliament, Rashid Ghannouchi, his office manager, Habib Khader, the Ennahda Movement and the Tunisian state, for her physical safety.

She cautioned about the possibility of a crime under the dome of Parliament, noting that there is planning to fabricate a case against her.

Open microphone

To that, she added, she discovered the scheme he was targeting during a bilateral dialogue between the representative of the Democratic Current Party, Samia Abbou, and the deputy of the Ennahda Movement, Bisher Al-Shabi, after the session of the General Legislative Committee in Parliament had been transferred directly, during which she forgot that the microphone remained open.

According to what was included in the clip broadcast by Moussa, Samia Abbou deliberately insulted Moussa, describing her as “mercenaries” and directed her in other abusive terms, to which the young man replied, “Ignore her, I am preparing to file a complaint against her in a terrorist case, and we will prepare her files.”

Moussa also stated that she no longer feels safe and reassured in Parliament, and that her life has become threatened, stressing that if confidence is not withdrawn from Ghannouchi and the Parliament’s office is changed, a catastrophe will occur within Parliament that will be fabricated for the Free Constitutional Party to get rid of it.

The Brotherhood classified a terrorist group

In addition, Moussa announced that the parliamentary blocs will meet on Monday to study the draft list that I submitted this week, to classify the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, stressing “the impossibility of achieving any economic or social reform in light of the presence of the Brotherhood in the country, who want to bring Tunisia and sell it to the Turkish-Qatari axis. , As she put it.

It is noteworthy that an escalating tension prevails in the relationship between the Free Constitutional Party and Ennahdha, against the background of the party’s accusation of terrorism, and its calls to classify the Brotherhood on the black list, and to hold Parliament Speaker Rashid Ghannouchi accountable.

And last Wednesday, Moussa said during a session of accountability for Ghannouchi, “We are not honored to be at the head of the Tunisian parliament,” adding, “Your leaders are brothers and are classified as a global terrorist.”

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