Abeer Sabry comments on the young woman who requested marriage via “Facebook”


The Egyptian girl, Maha Osama, has sparked controversy on social media, after she exposed herself to marriage.After some attacks on her, the Egyptian artist Abeer Sabry commented via “Instagram” on her story, and she wrote: “I was surprised as many people in the video of the girl who wanted to marry a lot of people who attacked her and said that she wanted him to be the trend of those with strange behaviors from shameful nudity or strange behaviors or Others, but the truth is I sympathized with it. “

She continued: “I saw that she had dealt with the community in his new way and decided to speak or complain about the largest scale, which I knew if Maha Osama is a girl from a respectable and rich family and she is working but introverted and shy and her married friends will not be bound by them because they are not connected.”She concluded: “And the question is that she is staring at the beginning of the two talents, so she turned to the video and asked that she marry the Halal, who did not see in a scandal video, for example, nor she said, I want a friend, she is a defendant who can marry, cover up and love, and I support her. All people despair a good word is charity. ”

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