Accepting the resignation of the artistic director of the Cairo Film Festival after accusing him of “extremism”


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Cairo International Film Festival announced, Tuesday, accepting the resignation of its new artistic director, critic Ahmed Shawky, a few days after the news of his appointment to the post, which aroused the discontent of a number of fans of the Egyptian Al-Ahly club, who described him as The “extremist”, and they led an electronic campaign against him, to discourage the festival from its decision.

The announcement of the acceptance of Shawky’s resignation came in a blog published by the Cairo International Film Festival, through his official account on Facebook, in which he said: “The critic Ahmed Shawky submitted his resignation, shortly after his announcement that he took the position of the new artistic director of the Cairo International Film Festival, in Its 42nd session, which is supposed to take place from November 19-28 … For its part, the festival’s high advisory committee held a meeting through which the committee accepted the resignation submitted. ”

The festival administration, represented by its Producer and Scriptwriter, Mohamed Hefzy, and the Higher Consultative Committee, thanked Shoghi for “what he presented to the festival during his work in previous sessions.”

The Cairo Film Festival affirmed its commitment to continue preparing for the 42nd session, some of which will be announced in the coming weeks, while continuing to adhere to the festival’s principles and values, such as pluralism, intercultural communication and highlighting new cinematic voices, providing a platform for cinematic talents around the world, and contributing In developing the local and regional film industry. ”

Egyptian followers on “Twitter” expressed their satisfaction for what they described as the “success of the Egyptian people’s campaign” to dismiss Shawky, and others doubted that the anger of the Al-Ahly fans was behind the decision.

The tagline “Hafezi Supports Extremist”, which refers to the festival director’s support for the resigned art director Ahmed Shawky, has also become a popular topic on Twitter in Egypt in recent hours.

Shawky was announced the appointment of a technical director for the festival to succeed the late critic Youssef Sharif, God bless him. In Port Said, February 1, 2012.

And the pioneers of social networking sites during the past few days launched two poems on Twitter, namely the “Cairo Festival scandal” and “the festival’s art director is an extremist”, through which they criticized the festival management decision and critic Ahmed Shawky, after what was considered “gloating” in the victims of the accident.

Shawky responded, in an official clarification, a copy of which CNN received in Arabic recently, in which he apologized to Al-Ahly fans. He was shocked by what he described as an “electronic attack” directed against him. He concluded his clarification by calling for concerted efforts to produce the Cairo International Film Festival with a picture “befitting Egypt and the history of Egyptian cinema”, declaring that he will continue his service “with the support of all filmmakers and fans.”


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