After an absence of six years .. Watch the latest appearance of the artist, Laila Taher


Social media activists shared the latest picture of the Egyptian artist, Leila Taher, after 6 years absence from the artistic scene.Layla appeared wearing black glasses, with yellow hair, with a broad smile on her face, and the signs of aging are clear on her.

It is noteworthy that the last artistic appearance of Laila Taher, 81, in 2014, with her participation in the fourth season of the “door to door” series, which is a work that belongs to the quality of “Elst Com”.While her last movie, “Ramadan Mabrouk Abu Al-Alamein Hammouda”, came with the comedian, Mohamed Heneidy, and the Lebanese artist, Sirine Abdel Nour, who is a producer of 2008.

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