After announcing the coexistence plan, the government defines the groups that are exempt from the ban


08:17 PM

Thursday 11 June 2020

Books – Mahmoud Mostafa:

Today, Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, issued a decision regarding precautionary and preventive measures to address the spread of the Corona pandemic, during the period from Sunday, June 14 to the end of this month, and is made up of 15 articles.

The decision stipulated in its fourth article that it excludes from the application of the provision of the first article from it all the vehicles entrusted with the transportation of petroleum materials or goods of all kinds; Whether for the local market, for export, parcels, production requirements, emergency vehicles, money transport vehicles for feeding ATMs, factory transport vehicles, warehouses, warehouses, companies, banks, banks, and supply and catering vehicles for the health sector.

Exceptions to the application of the provisions of the first and third articles of this decision include bakeries, grocery stores, ration substitutes, vegetable and fruit shops, meat, poultry, fish, pharmacies, and supermarkets located outside commercial centers, and wholesale markets, provided that work is restricted to them during the hours prohibiting movement and movement On receiving and receiving goods without receiving the public, all factories, warehouses, warehouses, authorized contracting work locations, ports, hospitals, medical centers, medical laboratories, warehouses, customs warehouses, fuel vehicles, rapid maintenance centers at gas stations, and all media.

Also excluded are emergency services for electricity companies, power generation sectors, gas company emergency services, water company emergency services, water lifting, drainage, treatment and desalination plants, services for operators of international information network and communications networks, service and sales centers of telecommunications companies, electronic procurement applications and warehouses, and ATM cards Automation, customs clearance, wheat marketing committees, all food and beverage delivery services, and merchandise to customers; Whether the application is through electronic or other applications, and those working with any of these excluded activities, while adhering to all due health precautions.

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