After declaring solidarity overcoming technical holidays on its website .. How do you inquire about the five bonuses?


The National Insurance and Pensions Authority was able to fix the technical malfunction of the website through which inquiries about the entitlement of pensioners to the five bonuses and their value are investigated.

In this context, the National Insurance Commission emphasized the readiness of the website to receive the users with good efficiency.

The Ministry of Social Solidarity had apologized to the pensioners because of a technical malfunction that affected the website and attributed this to the strong demand on the site from the pensioners and their families to inquire about the extent of their entitlement to the five bonuses.

The ministry said that the technical problem was solved in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, stressing that it became possible for pensioners to inquire about the five bonuses easily and without any technical and technical problems.

The inquirer can obtain all of his data through this link :

There are two methods of inquiry first by entering the national number and the name of the mother in Arabic, then pressing the check mark on the phrase “I am not a robot” and then sending the query request.

The second method is to inquire through the exchange security number, and in it no additional information, such as the mother’s name, is required.

When you click on the word “Submit Request”, a table of 7 boxes will appear, the first box of the insurance number for the pensioner, and the second with the name of the pensioner and the third for the value of the monthly difference from the five and fourth bonuses for the value of the freezer from the five and five bonuses for the monthly premium for the freezer (where the freezer value will be spent in 4 batches in (July 1, October 1, early April 2021, and early April 2021) and the sixth for the remaining amount of Frozen and Seven for the type of pension.

It is noteworthy that those who are entitled to the five bonuses are those who went out from the pension starting from July 1, 2006 to July 1, 2015 and who are not addressed to the Civil Service Law until 2019, and there are 2 million and 400 thousand existing in exchange out of a total of 10 million, and the Ministry of Solidarity will begin to disburse these benefits from Wednesday Next.

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