“After her brother preceded her,” … the family of Magda El-Khatib considered immigration because of this film


In the mid-1980s, artist Magda El-Khatib considered immigration to the United States of America after finishing filming the movie “Escape from Khanka”.

Magda El-Khatib produced the movie “Escape from Khanka” at a cost of 700 thousand pounds, and the actor Nour El-Sherif and artist Farid Shawky participated in it.Her brother Ahmed al-Khatib, author of “Escape from Khanka,” had preceded her, to immigrate to America with the intention of staying there permanently, and forming an Arab production company, according to “Alwan” magazine, September 26, 1987.

Magda agreed to establish this company and contribute to it, staying in America as well permanently, and transferring all her activities there, but she will keep the ownership of her apartment in Imobilia Building in Cairo.


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