After her two daughters were killed … The prosecution extracted the body of the son of a woman in Shubra Al-Khaimah, two months after his death


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Amr Awad, head of the prosecution office for the second department, Shubra Al-Khaima, headed by Counselor Mohamed Hatta, the first general attorney for the Southern Qalioubiya Prosecution offices, decided to extract the child’s body. Q »The two-year-old after his death two months ago, and the forensic medical service to explain the cause of death after accusing the child’s mother’s father of being the cause of his death after her recent death, kills his two sisters,“ Retaj and Jana, ”and accused her of being behind his murder.

The prosecution of a second department, Shubra Al-Kheima, decided to detain the accused in the incident of the killing of her two children, “Riahath and Jana”, in the Bahtim region, 4 days, pending investigations.

Her husband, called “SM,” also accused her in front of the prosecution of killing their two daughters, and revealed that he had a child called “Abdullah”, who died at the age of two years 40 days ago, saying in his statements, that the incident started when the mother told him by phone of the death of his son, and the medical report came out of the hospital confirming his injury With a sharp drop in blood circulation and the heart muscle to stop, no one knew the cause of death, calling for an investigation into the incident.

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