After his daughters were bullied .. Sharif Mounir publishes a new picture of his family: God bless you


After being harassed and bullied on the image of his daughters recently, he participated Artist Sherif Mounir A new photo of his family through his official account on the social networking site “Instagram”, today, Wednesday, commenting: “My little family … may God bless you.”

Sharif Munir
Sharif Munir and his family

This comes days after the daughters of the artist Sherif Mounir were subjected to a bullying campaign through the platforms of the media media after he posted a photo of them on his official account via Instagram, and the artist Sherif Mounir confirmed that he was subjected to a severe attack on the media media, she carried obscene insults and expressions outside, but he was always ignoring such Things are enough to make a deletion for his long-running follower, and he continued: “I ignored the ridiculous and hurtful reactions a lot … I gave up too much on the social media … and when I saw my little daughter was affected by the abusive insults of her mother she did what she did.”

And earlier, “Mounir” added, during a phone call to the “Ninth” program, presented by Wael El-Ibrashy, via the Egyptian Channel One, that he dealt with the incident of bullying his two daughters on the basis that he is a father and not Sharif Mounir, the artist, pointing out that the video that he launched On the Internet, he received great attention from the responsible authorities, because the insult to which his two daughters were subjected was an insult to all Egyptian girls.

Mounir affirmed that he had taken all legal measures towards the occurrence of bullying, insulting and slandering, stressing that he would not forgive anyone as before, and continued: “I will not forgive someone who insulted .. Insults are not only from inside Egypt, but also from outside .. I I don’t want to be a hero or trade in my children. ”

In another context, “Mounir” said that the world will change completely after the end of the Corona virus pandemic, and Egypt has dealt with the crisis in a professional and strategic manner that excels major countries.


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