After his father published her picture with hearts .. Saif Ahmed Flux flirt with Diala Makki: I love you and love you


It seems that the artist Ahmed Flux is now living in an advanced stage of His current love story The one who previously alluded to her during the month of Ramadan during his solution on one of the television programs, after Flux revealed the name of his lover through a photo through his account on the Instagram website, he commented on it by writing an emotion for her face to the anchor, Diala Makki .. His son did not wait for a long time until he also expressed his admiration The second party in his father’s life, where he exchanged comments with Diala Makki during more than one comment on Instagram.

Sword Fox
Saif Flux during the comments with Diala Makki

Seif started his comments by expressing the extent of his love for her and her mother, which reflects the relationship of the two families, especially with the response of Diala, who wrote to him that she also loves him and loves his mother, as he wrote to her after that he misses her and can no longer wait for her to respond to him that she will soon be with him.

It was the artist Ahmed Flux This morning, he raised through his official account on Instagram, many questions about his association or entry in a new love story that was starred by the media, Diala Makki, where he published one image in which the duo appears and then commented on it by sending a romantic message to it that was sufficient with Emotion, which raised many questions during the comments that It poured into the picture, with some speculating that the Flocks were tied to an alternative, while others saw him enter a new love story.

Ahmed Flux’s picture comes nearly 10 days after he sparked controversy over his relationship with her when they exchanged comments together on more than one occasion via Instagram.

Ahmed Flux and Diala Makki
Ahmed Flux and Diala Makki


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