After Khartoum’s memo to the Security Council, the Ethiopian Prime Minister is courting Sudan


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abe Ahmed flirted, Sudan, Declaring his support for the Berlin Donors Conference to support Khartoum financially and politically.
This came after the letter sent by the Sudanese authorities, today, Thursday, to the Security Council, regarding the latest developments in the case of the Renaissance Dam.

“I commend the holding of the Sudanese Partnership Conference and the hosting of an important virtual gathering to mobilize political and financial support for Sudan,” Abi Ahmed said in a tweet on his account on Twitter on Thursday, adding that Ethiopia was in solidarity with Sudan.

“I invite the partners not to stop this support for this great nation and its people … I would like to note that the declared commitment must be encouraged and motivated to support the member states of the United Nations to Sudan,” he added.

On Thursday, the Sudanese Foreign Ministry sent a memorandum to the Security Council on the Renaissance Dam, and the developments of negotiations.

In the letter, the Sudanese Foreign Ministry stressed the necessity not to take any unilateral decision, such as filling the Renaissance Dam without reaching a collective agreement.

She added that filling the Renaissance Dam would endanger the safety of the Roseires Dam, as well as endanger the lives of millions.

The Sudanese Foreign Ministry said that the time available to reach an agreement on the Renaissance Dam is narrow and critical and calls for working hard to reach a historic moment in the Nile Basin and turning the Renaissance Dam into a catalyst for cooperation instead of a cause for conflict and instability.

She urged all parties to adopt the comprehensive draft presented by Sudan in recent negotiations as a basis for completing the agreement document on the Renaissance Dam.

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