After Liverpool .. Chelsea players support the case of “George Floyd”


Today, Tuesday, Chelsea club training received team support from George Floyd, who was killed on the 25th of this month.

The black citizen George Floyd died suffocating under the knee of the policeman Derek Chauffin, causing riots that ignited the city of Minneapolis, before that revolution spread to various American states.

Floyd’s black skin and white Chauvin skin caused the incident to become a racist issue, which extended from the borders of the United States of America to the whole world.

Chelsea players supported the Floyd cause, after they formed the letter “H”, referring to the word “Humans”, meaning humans, and sat on one of their knees on the field, in support of the issue that has become the talk of the whole world.

And preceded Chelsea, Liverpool, who gave collective support to the Floyd cause where the players turned around and sat on one of their knees in the midfield during the team’s training on Monday.


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