After news of his signature to Al-Ahly .. Details of the term of Taher Mohamed Taher’s contract with the Arab contractors


Tahir Muhammad’s transfer file returned
Taher, the star of the first football team in the Arab Contractors Club, went to Al Ahly during a period
Next summer transfers to impose itself on the sports field.

In the past hours, there was strong news that Al-Ahly obtained Taher Muhammad’s signature
The Arab Contractors star cleared in preparation for its summer annexation.

Al-Ahly officials obtained the approval of Rene Vyler, technical director, on the inclusion of Taher Mohamed
Taher after the player succeeded in capturing the attention of the technical staff after watching a number of his videos

It is scheduled that the coming days will witness the entry of Al-Ahly into strong negotiations with Tahir Muhammad Tahir
To settle for his annex during the next summer Mercato.

Echo of the Country learned that Taher Mohamed Taher’s contract is extended with the contractors
Arabs for the next 3 years, unlike the current football season, which indicates that transmission
The player to Al-Ahly or any other club during the coming period will only be through
The Arab Contractors.

Taher Mohamed Taher succeeded in capturing attention during the last period as a result of the distinguished offers
Which he provides day after day with his Arab Contractors team.


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