After returning “Online” and “Typing” in WhatsApp … what happened?


12:16 am

Saturday 20 June 2020

Books – Asim Al-Ansari:

The past few hours have witnessed a technical failure in the “WhatsApp” application, which caused the discontent of users. The “Online” feature, which appears at the top of the chat box, has disappeared, and the user can no longer know whether or not the person he’s talking to is active.

The bug also caused the disappearance of the phrase “Typing” or “Typing” when the user types a text message on the application.

At 11 pm Cairo local time, the two features in “WhatsApp” returned to work normally, after hours of user complaints around the world via social media, especially “Twitter”.

“Down Detector” website for monitoring website faults, confirmed about 15 thousand complaints from WhatsApp users, that there are problems in the application, and among those affected, 73% face problems with the feature seen or the time of appearance, while 24% of Communication problems.

The defect also directly affected privacy modification options. When the user attempts to confirm whether the settings are intact in the “last Seen” settings or change any other setting, a message appears indicating that the operation failed and the attempt at another time.

For its part, “WhatsApp” has not commented on the problem yet, while news reports suggested that the “online” and “typing” feature was removed from the “WhatsApp” application in the new update, but that the features return to work normally, it appears that the platform I was defective and the company overcame it.

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