After the Bundesliga frustration … who succeeds in replacing the “football spirit”?


Many ideas dealt with by German reports, through which the Bundesliga clubs sought to compensate for the absence of the masses, in light of the continuing outbreak of the new Corona virus, but the competition that appeared again on the sixteenth of last May returned “without a soul.”

Football fans enthusiastically awaited the start of the German first division, which has become the most popular on the surface of the earth after the decision to return its competitions in light of the interruption of football activity in most parts of the world, but the fans of the game did not enjoy the expected form, and the effect of the mass absence from the football fields appeared clearly.

Some clubs tried to compensate for the public absence with simple ideas, most notably Borussia Moenchengladbach, who put thousands of pictures of his fans in the stadiums of his stadium, but that did not change anything, and did not add much to the atmosphere of the game, which imposed itself on the whole world thanks to its sweeping popularity.

Almost a month after the start of the Bundesliga competitions, it was announced successively that all major leagues were back, except for the French League, whose competitions were officially canceled at the end of last April.

The Spanish first division competitions will resume on the eleventh of June, while the Premier League matches will resume on the seventeenth of the same month, and the Italian first division will return to light three days after the return of his English counterpart.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported that the English Premier League is considering the use of sound effects, from the famous FIFA 20 game, in order to compensate for the mass absence in the matches of the competition, which is famous for its enthusiastic atmosphere.

According to the proposed plan, artificial chants will become an option for viewers to use or ignore like different audio channels in the usual atmosphere.

On the other hand, “Premier League” clubs rejected some of the ideas presented by broadcasters to compensate for the public absence, such as placing cameras in the locker rooms to transfer their airspace, or holding meetings with coaches and players between the two halves of the matches.

In turn, the Spanish newspaper “Marca” confirmed that the Spanish League is seeking to use the same electronic game, in order to add an enthusiastic atmosphere in the stadiums of matches, compensating for the mass absence.

The League seeks to fill the void spaces in the various stadiums with images drawn from the electronic game, and the crowd votes will be used in the game itself, to add “spirit” to the matches of the local league.

And many of the stars expressed their surprise at playing the matches without a public presence, most notably the Uruguayan Luis Suarez, Barcelonas star, who confirmed that he and his teammates will seek to adapt to such an atmosphere that he described as alien.

Liverpool Hordon captain Jordan Henderson, who is on the cusp of the Premier League title crown, said that crowning the 30-year-old title in the absence of the fans would be a strange thing.


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