After the death of a Sudanese patient inside Al-Matareya Teaching Hospital … Health dismisses the director and refers him for investigation


Dr. Hala Zayed dismissed the Minister of Health and Population, Director of Al Matareya Teaching Hospital, for his failure to perform his work duties and forfeiting his responsibility, after the incident of the death of a Sudanese patient inside the hospital in a video circulating on social media, stressing that a high committee has been formed to complete the investigation and take all measures The necessary legal vis-a-vis those who prove his failure in the incident.

The Minister stressed that there is no negligence in the right of any patient to obtain medical service, in light of the permanent endeavor of the state to provide the highest levels of medical care in hospitals, as well as to tighten the monitoring and continuous monitoring of officials in the Ministry through inspection committees at all hospitals and review the work of those committees through The Minister of Health and Population to take the necessary measures to ensure the provision of the best medical service to patients.Dr. Khaled Mujahid, Advisor to the Minister of Health and Population for Media Affairs and the official spokesperson of the Ministry, stated that immediately after the accident, the Minister directed an immediate and immediate investigation, as she commissioned Dr. Mohamed Fawzi, head of the Hospitals and Educational Institutes Authority, to form a supreme committee to investigate the incident, which included two of the Authority’s technical consultants and a professor Legal from the Faculty of Law, confirming that the results of the investigations will be submitted to the Minister of Health and Population, for transmission to the competent authorities.

Mujahid pointed out that the committee formed by the decision of the Minister of Health and Population is proceeding in full swing to know the circumstances of the incident, revealing that the preliminary investigations showed a number of administrative and technical violations by the hospital, stressing that the deficiencies are being identified and will be presented to the relevant authorities to impose the maximum punishment on them.

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