After the release of her husband … the sister of Muhammad Ramadan: “God willing, with some age.”


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In her first comment after her husband’s release, the artist’s sister, Mohamed Ramadan, commented about the crisis of her husband’s arrest hours after the wedding due to a group ceremony in light of the measures taken by the cabinet, which prohibits the holding of any parties and private gatherings to prevent the spread of a virus Corona Novel.

Muhammad Ramadan’s sister, Iman, published a picture of her that she gathered with her husband during the wedding ceremony, and commented on her saying: “Praise be to God, whose grace is good, God willing, with some whole age, I will love you, my sense.”

The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, held a wedding for his sister, Iman, in one of the villas on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, in the presence of a large number of close friends and the newlyweds family, and after a few hours of the ceremony, the Giza Investigations arrested the sister of his sister, because they feared a council decision The ministers banned celebrations and gatherings, and after another hours he was released again.

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