After upholding the verdicts against the defendants … the father of the “Shahama Shahama”: Our hearts are still painful (video)


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Muhammad al-Banna, the father of Mahmoud al-Banna, known for his “martyr of magnanimity,” commented on the decision of the appellate misdemeanor court at the Shebin El-Kom Court in Menoufia, to support the rulings previously issued on those accused of his murder.

Al-Banna said, in a phone call to the “Ninth” program on the Egyptian Channel 1: “Praise be to God for everything, and we wish that modifications or exceptions to such issues would happen as happens in some countries, so that the judgments are a deterrent to others, because the nature of our people is violence and barbarism.”

He added: “Since the beginning of the case, we have heard many promises from members of the People’s Assembly or agents that amendments and exceptions will be made to the Children’s Law, and this has not happened yet, and our hearts are still painful, and we hope that no one will be exposed to such incidents in the future.”

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