After years of oppression, the specter of hunger and poverty hits the Syrians


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After a war, displacement, and displacement that lasted for many years since 2011, with the outbreak of the revolution against the regime, and still it is Stifling economic and living crisis It weighs heavily on the Syrians, amid warnings of increased poverty and hunger in the country.

On Friday, United Nations aid agencies warned that Syria was facing an unprecedented food crisis, with more than 9.3 million people lacking enough food at a time when the country’s outbreak of the Corona virus could accelerate, although it now appears to be under control. In a statement in Geneva, the World Food Program said that the number of people lacking basic food items had increased by 1.4 million in the past six months.

From Syria (AFP)
From Syria (AFP)

Crazy cost

WFP spokeswoman Elizabeth Byers said that food commodity prices had risen by more than 200 percent in less than a year due to the economic collapse in neighboring Lebanon, and the general isolation measures imposed by Syria to contain Covid-19 disease.

Akmal Magtimova, WHO representative in Syria, said in a separate press statement that after nine years of armed conflict, more than 90 percent of the Syrian population lives below the $ 2 a day poverty line, while humanitarian needs increase.

From Syria (AFP)
From Syria (AFP)

It also added that less than half of the public hospitals in Syria are still operating, while half of the medical workers have fled since the conflict began, and the rest face “permanent threats of kidnapping and murder.”

Earlier, the WFP Executive Director, David Beasley, stressed the need to continue the flow of aid across border crossings.

From Syria (AFP)
From Syria (AFP)

$ 200 million shortage!

In an interview with the Associated Press yesterday, Thursday, before the donors ’conference on Syria hosted by the European Union in Brussels next week, Beasley explained that the conference is trying to raise several billion dollars every year, to alleviate the repercussions of the 9-year war in Syria, and made millions of people homeless. .

At a time when the WFP operation in Syria is facing a funding shortfall of $ 200 million this year.

It is noteworthy that Syria has been facing for many months an economic meltdown, as the local currency has spiraled out of control, and the country’s economic turmoil has been exacerbated by the financial crisis in neighboring Lebanon, Syrias main link with the outside world.

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