Ahmed Makki … a broken family life that made him a star


The artist celebrates Ahmad MakkiToday, Friday, his 40th birthday, the star born to an Egyptian mother and an Algerian father, and he has 4 brothers “two brothers and two sisters” and he is the fifth, he lived his childhood beginning between Abu Dhabi and Cairo and when the family completely disintegrated with the separation of his father and mother, he settled in Egypt to stay with his mother and began work At an early age.

Mekki practiced many professions besides his studies and among these professions he trades in all kinds of ornamental birds and pigeons as he worked in video clubs, and from here he began his love for cinema, so he decided to enter the High Institute of Film directing and graduating in 2003, and during his studies at the institute, his short films, which he wrote and directed, were harvested by many Among the awards and certificates of appreciation within Egypt and abroad as well, and represented Egypt in the most important international festivals for short films in Italy, Germany, Argentina and in France.

The Egyptian artist Ahmed Makki talked about the scenes of his song “more precious than rubies” in TV statements, and her story revolves around a father who writes his will to his son after him, stressing that she expresses a true feeling inside him, saying: “The song’s story is true and the moment of his child’s birth was one of the happiest moments of his life. And, at the same time, he was surprised that a piece of it was breathing. “

He added: “He remembered his childhood and the difficulties he experienced due to the disintegration of the prisoners, because his family life was distinctive until the age of five and after that his family disintegrated into a hundred parts.”

He continued: “The idea of ​​the song is as if he was writing his will to his son to teach him everything, so that he would not suffer as he suffered”, stressing that this command is not only for his son but for every child deprived of his father.

The artist Ahmed Makki returns to the TV drama after an absence of 3 years, since he presented the series “Khalsana Bshyaka” in 2017, where Makki has formally contracted to present a dramatic work to be presented in the next Ramadan season 2021, and it is planned to announce the details of the series and choose the director and heroes after its completion of Filming his new movie.


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