Ahmed Moussa reveals the fact that a street cleaner fell after he was injured in Corona


Media disclosure Ahmed Musa The terrorist group’s conspiracies against Egypt and its failed attempts to exploit the backdrop of Coruna, explaining that they are spreading false photos and information about the Corona virus to spread terror among the Egyptian people.
He explained Moses During today’s episode of “On My Responsibility”, broadcast on “Echo Al Balad” satellite channel, that the fleeing terrorist, Amr Abdel Hadi, published a picture of a sanitation worker fainted on the ground, and that he is in Egypt, infected with Corona, and finds no treatment; Noting that the original image in the sister kingdom of Jordan.

Moussa pointed out that the State of Qatar is subject to bankruptcy, as evidenced by the demobilization of 20% of the workers in Qatar Airways; Pointing out that Qatar has a population of a million and a half and has terrible economic problems.

And Moussa continued: “The population of the State of Qatar and the horrific materials de supposed, each one remains in the bug of Dahab … but now you have an economic crisis and is on the verge of bankruptcy.”

Moussa noted that Qatar had signed contracts to purchase 100 aircraft from the United States of America, In an amount It has a capacity of 18 billion dollars, but finds it difficult to complete the contract.

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