Ahmed Zaki’s will strikes the dream of Emperor Mohamed Ramadan with death


The young director, Karim Ismail, a friend of the late artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki, came out with a statement that caused a great shock to the equipment that is going to do a series about the life story of the late great artist Ahmed Zaki, in the name of the Emperor, which is supposed to be starred by the artist Mohamed Ramadan.

Karim Ismail, said that Haitham told him that his father, Ahmed Zaki, was rejecting the idea of ​​presenting his life in a dramatic or cinematic work, and what confirms the statements of the young director is that “Zaki” was careful not to talk about his private life in any meeting with him.

Artist Mohamed Ramadan is preparing to star in the series Emperor and embodies the personality of the late artist Ahmed Zaki.

Ahmed Zaki's will strikes the dream of Emperor Mohamed Ramadan with death

The great artist Youssef Shaaban confirmed that he refuses to embody the life of the late artist Ahmed Zaki, in a dramatic work at the present time, after the star Mohammed Ramadan announced the embodiment of Zaki’s character in a work called “The Emperor”.

He said that the conversion of Ahmed Zaki’s life story to a TV series came very early, and the present generations lived the brown boy and I am afraid that the work will not be of interest to viewers at this time.

Shaban explained that he prefers to postpone this series for several years, so that the target audience at that time will be the audience that did not contend with Ahmed Zaki.

The author and the great scriptwriter Bashir Al-Deek began writing the dramatic treatment of the story of Ahmed Zaki’s life for the series, starring Mohamed Ramadan, for screening in the upcoming Ramadan season. To another name, there are working sessions between the action hero and the author to find out the final details and outlines of the work.


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