Al-Ahly after the Council’s decisions: “The Club of the Horn of Africa is above all”


The official page of Al-Ahly Club through the social networking site “Facebook” indirectly commented on the package of decisions taken by the board of directors headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, in the meeting of the board of directors held on Tuesday morning, through video conference, as well as indicating the characteristic that the genie Red is the “Club of the Horn of Africa”, where the Al-Ahly page published a picture of one of the first football team’s celebrations, commenting on it: “Al-Ahly Club of the Horn of Africa is above all.”


The Board of Directors of Al-Ahly Club issued a statement after the end of its meeting, which was held this afternoon, Tuesday, in the manner of video conference, which reads as follows:

“Based on the appreciation of the board of directors of Al-Ahly club to the members and fans of the club, and in light of the recent developments in the sports field, the council finds it obligatory to put before the public opinion a number of facts before announcing the decisions it has decided on:

– The Board of Directors has committed to the highest levels of restraint, and has raised a lot from the response, and it receives many false and scattered accusations about the relationship of Mr. Turki Al Sheikh, which has often departed from the correct framework, by the Sheikh himself, whether by direct statement at times, or by implication. Other times in an unprecedented way, and this commitment to the Council’s full conviction came in turn to contribute to strengthening historical relations with the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And in appreciation of the concerned state institutions that have supported and blessed this cooperation from its inception, in the context of sports investment and a distinguished relationship with siblings.

In addition, the club is historically associated with the honorary relations of the Kingdom and its princes, with respect and honor, and respect for Mr. Turki Al Sheikh as a responsible man in the government of a country that has a special place in our hearts.

The repeated abuses and accusations by Al-Sheikh, whom the Council met silently frequently due to its responsible stance, prompted the Board of Directors to take many measures to preserve the club’s value and status, and to expose false accusations.

– The Council submitted a memorandum to the Minister of Youth and Sports on 27/5/2018 requesting the dispatch of a ministerial committee from the financial and administrative inspection to the club, to find out the truth of the support received from Mr. Turki Al Sheikh (financial donations – players ’loans – friendly matches – gifts In-kind) and exchange aspects. However, the administrative authority had slowed down a lot before the formation of the required committee and tried to bridge the points of view because the Sheikh had a status in a brotherly Arab country .. In the face of the Ahly club’s insistence, the Ministerial Committee was formed on 7/18/2018, and it carried out inspection and review work and ended with the health and safety of the club’s legal position. And its board.

– Before the Ministerial Committee finished the inspection and review work, we were surprised to present Mr. Turki Al Sheikh with a new statement to the Attorney General, directing to the Board of Directors many accusations that affect his financial responsibility. In addition, he covered these allegations on his official Facebook account. Al-Sheikh received many reports (exceeding 60), all of which were submitted by the President of Zamalek, in solidarity with him, and echoing the same accusations. Whereas, the Supreme Public Funds Prosecution began investigating all the reports and ordered the formation of a five-level high-level committee of experts from the Ministry of Justice (graft) and after ensuring the integrity of all financial, administrative and accounting procedures for donations. And that all gifts presented were deposited in the club treasury according to the constant in the records. Until a decision was recently issued by His Excellency the Attorney General of the Attorney General to save investigations and exclude suspicion of crimes of aggression or harming public funds.

– The Board of Directors submitted to the competent judicial authority all the irrefutable evidence and documents defending the reputation of the club and those responsible for it, when some of them chanted the same falsehoods and false accusations by filing lawsuits in the courts with the aim of distorting the image of the council with regard to the relationship with Mr. Turki Al Sheikh, so full and decisive fairness was issued A final judicial ruling that acquits the Board of Directors of the allegation of accepting donations in violation of the law, confirming the integrity of all Board procedures in this regard.

– Mr. Turki Al-Sheikh did not appreciate that the board of directors could not in any way touch the club’s principles or give up the legal mechanism for decision-making, which led to disputes, after which the Sheikh announced his resignation via social media twice .. and the board refused to discuss these resignations despite the pressure The masses to which he was exposed at that time taking into account the sensitivity of the career status of the Sheikh family and in appreciation of the responsible personalities (we appreciate and respect them), who intervened to bring the views closer at the time.

In light of the foregoing and after clearing all the facts, revealing falsehood and responding to false accusations, the board of directors did not mind opening a new page of the relationship, after Mr. Turki Al Sheikh extended his hand to the club’s president and visited him at his home with the blessing of some officials to check on his health, expressing his desire Turning the page of the past and restoring the good relationship, and the council raised all minorities in appreciation of the intimate relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the one hand, and the Sheikh’s family being a statesman who appreciates it on the other hand, but what happened recently has filled with enough and proved that there are those who did not appreciate the responsible position of the Council The management of Al-Ahly, which bore what is beyond its capacity .. Therefore, and in the interest of the club’s value, prestige, and the feelings of millions of its members and fans, the Board of Directors met today and unanimously decided the following:

1- Canceling the previous board decision and removing Mr. Turki Al Sheikh from the honorary list of honorary heads of the club.

2- Addressing the Minister of Youth and Sports with a request to obtain his approval to return all the gifts offered by Al Sheikh in kind and financial donations that entered the treasury of the club, after these donations and gifts, in their financial and in kind value, have become property of the club and may not be disposed of except with the approval of the competent authority.

3- The Council was briefed on the written apology submitted by Mr. Mohamed Serag El Din, a member of the Board of Directors, for what he had previously passed in violation of and violation of the Board’s decision to prevent members of the Board and workers in the executive management and technical and administrative organs from taking up club news and files related to his affairs on social media .. After the discussion, and he refused to depart Mr. Mohamed Serag El-Din from the club’s traditions, the council decided to accept an apology from his sovereignty from the perspective of his issuance within the club’s family, with the blame and warning not to repeat such matter in the future.

4- Adopting what was stated in the ball planning committee’s note to cancel its previous recommendations by granting several exceptions to player Hossam Ashour, who informed the director of the ball device in writing of his retirement and thanking him for the periods he spent with his colleagues in the service of the club, and wishes him all the best in his next steps.

5- Adopting the recommendation of the Legal Committee to take the following measures to preserve the club’s intellectual property rights and to deter anyone who has sought to infringe upon them:

A- Submit a complaint to the Minister of Youth and Sports to remove the reasons for the violation of the infringement of the rights of the Al-Ahly Club, as he is responsible for verifying the application of the relevant administrative bodies and authorities to laws, regulations and decisions regulating them in accordance with Article 1 of Law No. 71 of 2017 issuing the Sports Law .

B- Submit an official communication to the competent investigation authorities to investigate the infringement of one of the rights protected for Al-Ahly Club, which is stipulated in the Law on the Protection of Intellectual Property. C- Establishing a claim for compensation before the competent courts for material damages to the Al-Ahly Club, its investments and commercial rights as a result of infringing its title and slogan, which is one of the components and elements of its investments.

.. In this regard, the Al-Ahly club’s board of directors renews its appeal to its vast masses everywhere to take care of the club’s values ​​and traditions without offending any personal or legal entities or bodies, in triumph of sporting values ​​and good due relations.

Club management behaved Al-Ahly The salary for the month of May for sports activity and for the players of the ball and academies within hours, where the red administration has finished preparing the salary for players and sports activity and it will be disbursed within the coming hours, after the May salary has been disbursed to employees and workers before Eid Al-Fitr, and Al-Ahly succeeded in providing financial liquidity that Approximately 40 million pounds per month for employees, workers, and premiums for soccer team players and others in the club despite the grinding financial crisis that the whole world suffers from the “pandemic” Corona.

Al-Ahly Council refused to go in the same way that many local and international clubs preceded it against the background of the Corona pandemic, which is to reduce the contracts of players and coaches, reduce employment and lay off employees or reduce their salaries, and the Al-Ahly Council decided to search for ideas to develop resources in order to adhere to the benefits of its employees and not to prejudice the salaries of employees, and decided He spent it completely on the regular dates every month, so that they could fulfill all their living obligations in these difficult circumstances.


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