Al-Ahly fined Hussam Ashour and raised his statements to the Planning Committee


Syed Abdul Hafeez, the football manager of Al-Ahly Club, decided to impose a fine on Hussam Ashour for violating the club’s regulations by appearing in the media without obtaining the approval of the ball director, and decided to raise the statements made by the player regarding the club to the planning committee for the ball to take what you see.

It is mentioned that the director of football decided two weeks ago to prevent players from speaking in all the different media after giving them enough opportunity for the media to appear during the current stopping period of activity.

The Five-pointed Committee presented to Ashraf Sobhy some of the procedures and requirements set by the Medical Committee of the Football Association to resume collective exercises, on top of which: Analyzing the detection of the Corona virus for all players before the return of training, dividing the training of each team in 4 batches in the gym, and group exercises for players are held in two batches, Spacing between the players in group exercises, reducing the number of technical and administrative devices in the exercises, sterilizing and disinfecting the sports tools and balls before and after each exercise, sterilizing the dressing rooms and the training ground daily., The players wear gags before and after the exercises, wearing the technical, administrative and medical gags during the exercises Sterilization and disinfection of balls before and after each exercise. Preventing the exchange of water bottles and juices between players in exercises. And prevent shaking hands and hugs during exercises.

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