Al-Ahly is close to including Taher, and renews his negotiations with Sereno.


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The Al-Ahly club is close to contracting with Taher Mohamed Taher, the player of the Arab Contractors, after the recent days witnessed intense negotiations by both sides, for the transfer of the Wolves striker to the Red Castle after the Swiss Rennes Filer, Al-Ahly technical manager, welcomed the signing of the player to compensate for the departure of some of the team’s stars, as well as Feiler’s assertion that Taher will be a strong addition to the team’s offensive line, because of the player’s skill and physical strength as well as his advantage from outside the 18 area.

Al-Masry Al-Youm learned that the Contracting Committee of Al-Ahly Club is seeking to contract with two wings during the current period, characterized by speed and physical strength. South Africa, where Al-Ahly officials entered into serious negotiations to obtain player services starting from next season.

Feiler had an urgent desire to renew negotiations with the player, despite his club management refusing to dispense with him earlier. Feiler called for the management of contracts, led by Amir Tawfiq, to ​​renew negotiations with Sereno, which had already happened in the past hours.

The Swiss coach expressed his conviction of the player’s capabilities, stressing that he can solve several problems in the front line, because he is good at playing in more than one center, along with his high scoring capabilities, and the contract with the player will be at the expense of the Angolan Gerardo. Sun Downs coach Petso Musimane had previously announced his rejection of Sereno’s departure, and his club’s management had renewed the player’s contract until 2025 early this month.

On a different matter, Rainer Feiler will today go to Switzerland for a 10-day family visit, with the assisting device remaining in Cairo in anticipation of the resumption of activity during this period.

Officials are waiting for the Red Castle Football Committee, that Feiler will decide his position on the renewal of the red team after returning from Switzerland, because of the desire of the committee to instill stability within the team after the technical director achieved remarkable success with the team and won the General League Championship, in addition to the team qualified for the semi-finals of the League League Championship African Champions.

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