Al-Ahly is going to take legal action against Zamalek


A source in Al-Ahly Club revealed that the club’s legal department is taking legal action against Zamalek because of the Century Club banner.

Al-Zamalek Club has posted a large banner that contains a clear message that it is the Real Century Club, which is the title that Al-Ahly was crowned by the Confederation of African Football in the beginning of the new millennium.

The source, who declined to be named, said through statements to “Yalla Koura” today, Tuesday, that there will be legal measures against Zamalek, after Zamalek encroached on the marketing rights of Al-Ahly, its logo and the title of the Century Club.

The source continued that a complaint would be addressed to the Minister of Youth and Sports to intervene according to his authority in order to stop this attack.


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